Andrew D'Angelo Documentary

We warmly invite you to participate in the production of our documentary film about the life of Andrew D’Angelo. In keeping with the film’s spirit of ceremony and celebration, Andrew and Ted will fill Bastyr Chapel’s lush sanctuary with music from their upcoming album. We encourage you to contribute to our visual tapestry by expressing your family traditions, cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs in your choice of attire.

We are honored to have you join us in making this film. Your presence will be an inspiration — an essential element.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Matthew A. Chambers
Seven House Media Group




Ted Poor

Andrew D'Angelo


Bastyr Chapel 

14500 Juanita Dr NE 

Kenmore, WA 98028



6 - 10pm 

May 14th, 2019


  • The footage and audio from the evening will be used in the film.  

  • Upon entry, all participants will be asked to sign a standard film waiver.

  • Light food and drink will be served. 

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Bastyr Chapel


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Andrew D’Angelo | Brønshøj Vandtårn in Copenhagen, 2019 | Monty Laurits, Videographer


Freedom becomes the freedom of being totally with your present awareness, and the feelings that come from the Wonder and Awe of the moment. 

Shine on.

When I first learned I had brain cancer back in 2008 — that the tumor in my brain might perhaps kill me within six months to a year — I felt my life had sunk. It was as if I was at the bottom of the ocean. Lurking deep on the ocean floor, unable to breathe and waiting to die …that there was no way I was going to be able to reach the top of the water and begin to breathe again. It was the end of my life, I thought. So it was time to begin to drown. 

Then there was the fact that the doctors said I needed to have brain surgery. If I did this surgery it could possibly “increase my lifespan by a few more months”. On some level I was like, “Fuck it. Why not? Let’s have brain surgery and live a few more months.”  I write this answer to you in 2019. 

I ended up having two brain surgeries to remove the cancerous tumor. After the surgeries, I started feeling better. I had recovered well and come to terms with my situation. I was beginning to rise up out of the sea floor, eventually making it up to the surface of the water to breathe and swim freely. There was a lighthouse shining on the cliffs in front of me; I was becoming more positive. I began to swim toward this lighthouse and the shore. Swim, Andrew, swim. Make it to that lighthouse!!! So I did just that. 

It had been a year or so since my diagnosis, and suddenly, I found myself on the beach looking out over the sea, not at the bottom of the sea — not swimming — but standing in the sun on the beach, enjoying the beauty of the ocean scenery. It felt lovely as I gazed at the beauty  of the water in front of me. 

Then two years or more went by. The doctors were becoming more positive that I might live longer than they had first thought, saying that if I made it three years without the cancer returning, the chances of my living a long and full life would increase. Three years came to pass, and I was tested yet again for cancer. Nothing. I was cancer free and living healthy and well. 

That three-year marker was a huge deal. It propelled me upward and gave me hope. 

The following years of Brain were eventful. I began touring again and was taking on life full speed ahead. I was back! as I would say to myself. My impression was that I was on a cliff overlooking a beautiful ocean. It was bliss. There were waves crashing below me. The sea was bright and full of life. I had gone from the bottom of the ocean, to swimming to the beach, to now standing on a cliff observing Mother Nature. Wow, what a feeling! 

More time passed after Brain. In 2015 or so, I went on a group meditation retreat that was specifically focused on healing. During one meditation this healer came up to me, a man whom I had befriended during our ten-day stay. He looked at me and said, “You know, Andrew, you don’t have brain cancer any longer. You can move on with your life. All is good.” He continued, “In fact, I’m going to Mt. Everest in a few weeks with a few other healers. We will go to Base Camp One. You should join us!”  

This sounded too incredible to be true! Mt. Everest is not a place I thought I ever would visit. I decided to make the trip with this group of healers. We came in on the Tibet side of the mountain. When I asked, “Why did you want to me to come here with you?” He replied, “You are at the peak of your health, Andrew. On the highest mountain of your healing. It felt appropriate to have you with us here at Base Camp One.” Wow. 

Now I was on a huge mountain! Looking out over the world in my new body of awareness. Damn bro! This was magic!!! 

From the ocean floor, to swimming on the surface of the sea, beachside viewing, glaring off a cliff, now up on a gigantic mountain! I was like, “Yeah, Bitch! I did it!!!” HAHA!!! Really though, it did have me smiling often. Even as I type this, I am smiling about it. :-) 

Andrew D’Angelo



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